Few Project Work

Hii, My Name Is Harshil Patel And Here Are Few Project That I have Developed, Not all are published officially 



Around Me AI - App

Developed 3 AI Based Which can recognize and translate multiple language, with 6 AI Features.  Including - Refer & Earn, Image Recognition, Text Recognition, QR Recognition, Landmark Recognition, Product Recognition. 


Carpool App

Ride Sharing App, where you can pickup users or user can get a ride from users at affordable price , with live location tracking


Notification Log History App

Developed Notification Logger App, With More Than 50K+ Installs On Play Store.


Advisor App

Developed Advisor App For A Company With PayPal And Paytm Payment Gateway. So users can pay easily 


Simple Chat App

 A Chat App where user can send/cancel friend request, Chat, Send photos etc.  


GIF Maker

 Gif Video Maker, a completely free app which allows you to create gif videos from pics. Set Speed and Share on Social Media. 

Machine Learning Projects


Predicting Boston Housing Prices

  • Explore data and observe features.
  • To train and test models.
  • Identify potential problems, such as errors due to bias or variance.
  • Apply techniques to improve the model, such as cross-validation and grid search.


Bike Share

 Bike Share Project using Python, To Investigate And Compare Data 


Investigate a TMDB Movie Dataset

 Machine Learning Project using pandas and NumPy  

That's All Folks

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 Here are few notable projects which are already published or are in beta version. Still Many App And Project are not listed here. If You have any query just drop your details.